50 Premieres at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

50 Premieres at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

50 new cars will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show. The first big car show of the year unofficially started yesterday with the so-called fresh ones. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow there will be visits from industry representatives, and January 18 is traditionally reserved for charities. A day later, the XXV Anniversary Detroit International Salon will open its doors to all visitors.

The exhibition, which included as many as 50 premieres, looks the most optimistic in the last few years. Analysts in the US note that their industry has largely managed to cope with the global financial and economic crisis.

For the first time in the world, the focus is on non-electric vehicles, which have been heavily touted as the vehicle of the near future.

With markets recovering, luxury cars are back in demand, especially for overseas buyers. For this reason, in Detroit, the focus is on sports models and premieres of premium brands from Germany.

One of the saloon’s biggest hits will undoubtedly be the new Corvette (2014 model), which has been renamed the Stingray. The hosts have already declared him the big star of the show and, judging mainly by his attractiveness, this statement is not far from the truth. However, other premieres deserve attention, and some of them can definitely replace the corvette.

Americans can’t wait to see the concept version of the next-generation Ford F-150. This pickup truck is the best selling vehicle in the US. However, last year the Dodge Ram was chosen as the number one with the most votes in an American poll.

In cars, the Cadillac ATS sedan won.

As the luxury market expands again, some companies will introduce new sedans, and European leader Volkswagen, which registered record sales for the past year yesterday, is betting on a three-row crossover.

And if things in the luxury class seem optimistic, and in electric vehicles a little uncertain, then the third kind already takes precedence.

We are talking about global models that are the present and the near future. At least that’s what leading analysts of world markets say.

“To a large extent, the mood during salons is determined by how the industry develops. All in all, 2012 was a good year, and more and more people think that all the bad things are behind us,” explains Jessica Caldwell, author of one of the leading American sites.

Ford representatives jealously guard the details of the concept of their bestseller. What is clear, however, is the introduction of a lightweight aluminum/carbon fiber mix construction that will reduce the overall weight by at least 150kg.

And this, of course, will have a positive effect on fuel economy and harmful emissions.

In the class of pickups so popular with Americans, there are other models that are already presented, albeit unofficially. These are full Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. GM will also debut the Cadillac Coupe, which will use an improved version of the Volt electric vehicle symbol. The sports model will be available with a new electric motor and correspondingly increased mileage.

Another legendary local company — Jeep — will show restyling of the Grand Cherokee. The typical SUV will also be available with a three-litre diesel engine and a new 8-speed automatic transmission.

Detroit also has other very important models in terms of sales and product positioning in the market. Toyota is also betting on a very interesting concept called the Furia. Apparently, his vision will be decisive for the long-awaited new generation of the popular Corolla. The latest version of the compact Japanese car will be shown in the middle of this year.

Premium brands from the Old Continent purposefully chose Detroit to showcase their strategic models. Mercedes-Benz will try to attract the attention of owners with its brand new CLA sedan and significantly modified E-Class (model history).

BMW will not be left behind, especially after registering such high sales in the US. The Bavarians will debut in Detroit in an all-new 4 Series. In addition, they have prepared two more impressive premieres — the BMW M6 Grand Coupe and the new Z4 roadster.

Another representative of the big German trio, Audi, will delight its fans with the RS7, which has received a technical charge from the RS6 supercombi. Audi has promised to show the hybrid A3 in the near future. Most likely, this will happen at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

An interesting sporty concept of the popular Passat can be seen at the Volkswagen stand. It is equipped with a 1.8-liter petrol engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission. The power of the sports Passat is fixed at 250 horsepower.

Speaking of luxury sedans, one cannot fail to mention the new Lexus IS and Infiniti G37 models.

Apparently, in the context of the emerging serious growth in this class, there is a kind of return of Lincoln. The iconic American company has been resurrected after major structural changes with the introduction of an all-new ISS model, a crossover SUV based on the infamous Ford Escape.

The electric concepts that have dominated showrooms for the last 2-3 years will also be heavily represented. Visitors will see new concepts that provide significantly more mileage.

Despite the revival of the market and optimistic forecasts, protesters also gathered in front of the Cobo Center building where the exhibition is being held. car workers have called for more rights and safety. Protesters have been an integral part of the previous few editions of the hall.

The Corvette Stingray is probably the salon’s biggest hit. At least according to the Americans. The seventh generation of the legendary sports model was presented at a special ceremony in Detroit and became the main news of almost all automotive media.

In fact, the debut coincided with the 60th anniversary of Chevrolet’s first two-seat model. For its time, the first generation seems like an absurd idea.

Shortly after the Second World War, many could not understand the logic of creating a sports model with a truck engine.

The new model has a design focused on the European market, where the company is gaining a strong foothold. Changed every element of the corvette, including the name — Stingray. As one would expect, the changes are mainly related to the clarification of the structure. The body uses fiberglass elements and composite materials reinforced with carbon fiber.

The high compression engine is made entirely of aluminium. The V-shaped 6-cylinder unit has a volume of 6.2 liters and direct fuel injection. There is a system for shutting down 4 cylinders, which can significantly reduce average consumption. In track mode, even greater precision in turns is achieved. Maximum power is 450 horsepower (max. torque 610 Nm) and acceleration to 100 km will take about 4 seconds.

Luxury British company Bentley will present in Detroit the fastest convertible in the world. The open version of the Continental GT Speed has a top speed of 235 kilometers per hour, which is 5 km less than the coupe. According to Bentley bosses, this is the fastest four-seater convertible on the planet.

His performance is more than impressive. Like the coupe, the open model is powered by a 12-cylinder 6-litre petrol engine. Its maximum power is 625 horsepower and torque reaches an impressive 800 Nm.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 4.1 seconds.

Bentley engineers have made some functional changes, mainly related to the suspension.

The convertible is equipped with improved dampers and new stabilizers, and the steering has been retuned to provide even more safety when cornering.